Thursday, 20 July 2017

April's Favourite Place

During the Easter holidays, using the National Trust app, I stumbled upon the Wimpole Estate when looking for a day out.
We packed up a picnic and headed off for adventure!
About an hours drive from home, we were soon parking up and heading into the stable block to show our membership cards for entry. The smalls were eager to take part in the Easter egg hunt, so for a small fee of £2.50 each, we paid and set off with the clue sheet.
We located the nine carrots, and handed in our sheet to the staff members in the Easter tent. After they checked over our answers, the smalls got to choose their prize from a chest of chocolatey goodness.
Next on the agenda was Home Farm. Located within the grounds, the estate’s farm has all the animals a child could want to see at the farm. We said hello to the Shetland ponies first and then on to the donkeys and chickens. The rabbits greeted us with a bounce and we could hear the pigs in the next barn eagerly awaiting their feed.
They were extremely excited, and the noise was overpowering. You can see a short video clip over on my Instagram feed! The smalls had a try at a simulated milking station and we moved along to see the horses and geese.

We got some good walking done on the estate and the smalls were very happy to be amongst the sheep. We even managed to log two of the estate’s geocache whilst exploring, and enjoyed a walk inside Wimpole Hall.

We went back to Wimpole for the first day of their lambing event. It was a lot busier than our previous visit (which had been during the school holidays), but was still a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The lambs were utterly adorable, and we were able to stand and watch them being born right in front of us.
We logged a further two of the geocache located in the grounds of the estate whilst exploring on our second visit, and will definitely be back to find the rest.
We came across a very cool up-cycle project on the way home!
Where have you explored lately?
S xox

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