Thursday, 20 July 2017

Cabin Fever

7th January 2017

This morning was filled with adult chores. I had to replenish the kitchen cupboards with a Saturday morning trip to the supermarket (shudder), and Daddy needed a trip to the barbers. Once we had unpacked and put everything away, we spent a few hours doing some housework and playing with Little Lamb.
It wasn’t long before we got restless…Cabin fever was taking hold!
Daddy got on the Geocache app, and noted a few caches not too far away that we still had to tick off, and in record time we were wearing our waterproofs and walking boots on route to the first cache!
Little Lamb loves walking. She enjoys her carrier on the longer routes we do, but for anything else she walks. She’s always absolutely hated being strapped into the car seat or pushchair. She’d much rather merrily march along singing or making up stories, picking up sticks and filling her pockets with stones. She has quite the collection of “favourite” stones in the garden.
Being a pirate, searching for treasure is her second favourite thing to do whilst out walking. Her favourite, searching for ladybirds, is a little difficult in the Winter months, which took a fair amount of explaining before she accepted that she had to wait a while for them again.

She’s able to walk approximately a kilometre before tiring or getting irritable and asking to be ‘picked up’. She definitely exceeded herself today! I tracked her walk distance out of curiosity (using my View Ranger app), and was chuffed to see she’d managed 1.353 km!
She’s also spent her Christmas money, picking a pink waterproof coat from Mountain Warehouse which matches her padded waterproof trousers perfectly!
How long does it take for ‘cabin fever’ to take hold with you?!
We’re off out for adventure tomorrow. Here’s Little Lamb trying to help choose where to visit…

S xox

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