Thursday, 20 July 2017

Double The Adventure

8th January 2017
Pitter-patter, pitter-patter….7 o’clock and there were tiny feet hitting the wooden floor.
“Time for adventure!” Little Lamb exclaimed. A welcome statement following a full night’s sleep!
We had pre-prepared the picnic bag, loaded the car with walking gear the night before, and once fed and clothed were raring to go. Only a 45 minute car ride from our front door, we were soon parked up outside Rochester Castle. Daddy had checked the geocaching app the night before and knew there were a few caches nearby to be had. We loaded up the app from the car, saw that we were a mere 33 meters away from one, and using “cachers-nose” had it in-hand within seconds!
We headed up the hill and around the corner to Rochester Cathedral, where we loaded the details for the church-micro multi-cache and solved the clues. Saving the deciphered coordinates to be collected later on, we then entered the Castle Gardens.
The Castle grounds were deserted aside from a Sunday morning jogger, upping his step count running up and down the bandstand steps.
The smalls had a quick snack and we climbed the steps to the entrance of the Castle.
Handing over our membership cards to the staff inside, we were directed through the glass door entrance to the keep.

The biggest was keen to race to the top to see over the city, and we set about following the passageway set by English Heritage who now maintain the Castle and grounds.
The view from the top was pretty cool. Little Lamb thoroughly enjoyed watching the trains arrive and depart from Rochester Station and thought that the people below looked like little insects going about their business.
We spotted an advert for Upnor Castle and decided we’d go there next seeing as we were so close by and planned to have our lunch when we got there.
Taking a slight detour on the way back to the car, we walked along the river to the deciphered cache coordinates of the church-micro, and bagged the second cache of the day.20170108_114622-01
We then headed back on the river path and Daddy noticed that there was another cache to be had. Our third cache quickly located, we got back to the car.
I loaded up the English Heritage app, and was disappointed to see that Upnor Castle wasn’t open until 1st April 2017. A quick browse revealed that there weren’t any other properties nearby that were open today.
I booted up the National Trust app (dual membership…get us!), and Cobham Wood and Mausoleum was shown a mere 6 minutes drive away. Daddy popped the postcode into the SatNav and we were soon parking up at the entrance to the site. We clambered into our walking gear once more, this time opting for wellies as the ground was somewhat more muddy than the Castle had been.

‘Entrance to Cobham Wood & Mausoleum’

The display board at the entrance showed the Mausoleum was 1 mile away so we headed off through the kissing-gate entrance.20170108_124105-01-1
The biggest small ran off in front, jumping in the puddles on the path. It was no time at all before the smallest had caught her up and was jumping in along side her, seeing who could make the biggest splash.
We img-20170108-wa0002found a bench, approximately halfway down the path, and sat for our lunch. There were plenty of dog walkers and cyclists passing to give us some good people watching time as we ate. It baffles me how some people can remain so clean in their white jackets, but perhaps we’re just more attracted to mud!
We questioned whether the Mausoleum would be a tad too far for the smallest to walk, but decided to keep on going after consulting the GPS map and seeing that we were almost there.
The next stretch of path was littered with eye treasure. Casings of sweet chestnuts lined the path and Little Lamb was keen to fill her pockets!

“Sweet Chestnut treasure”

Daddy and the biggest joked of things roaming the hill at the Mausoleum, and the smallest joined in with being a “Zomble-bee”!
When we returned to the car, we off-loaded our gear and I stopped the tracker on my View Ranger app. Little Lamb had smashed her record, set only yesterday (1.353 km) and had walked a whopping 4.13 km! Quite the achievement for little legs, and she was rightly very proud.
We thought she would soon be softly snoring in the back of the car on the journey home, but alas it would appear our toddler has given up napping altogether!
Here’s hoping for a whole night of sleep again tonight…fingers crossed!
Have you been anywhere fun today?
S xox

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