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REVIEW Ultimate Mapping Guide for Kids – Justin Miles

12th January 2017
“AWESOME!!!” was the biggest’s reaction when I handed her Ultimate Mapping Guide For Kids by Justin Miles, that had just arrived. I’d seen a link on Twitter from someone else who had recently purchased, and had headed over to Amazon to get it for her straight away. I knew it would be right up her street as she’s spent a lot of her free time recently, making her own maps and planning her own walking routes. She bought her first compass using her pocket money several years back, a small child friendly version that she keeps clipped to her ‘adventure bag’ that she takes along with her when we are out and about exploring. She was so thrilled with her present, that she insisted on taking it in to school to show her class mates.
My biggest small person is a total book worm. She has a vast library of her own in her bedroom, and always asks for book vouchers as gifts so that she can add to her collection. She eats books up at an incredible speed, and is known to write many of her own stories…she has a very wild imagination!
A bit about the author, Justin Miles
Justin Miles is a professional adventurer (cool job!). In his own words, “I get to go to the most awesome places on Earth, do some really cool stuff when I get there and meet the most amazing people along the way!”. Sounds pretty epic to me! His explorations are used in support of global education projects, engaging with schools around the world, and supporting a number of charities on route. Justin is the founder of Let’s Teach The World, helping to make universal education happen, and if you have a few minutes then please head over to their website to see what they are about.
You can find out more about Justin, his works, and the charities he is involved with on the ‘Just For The Challenge’ website, and he can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Review of Ultimate Mapping Guide For Kids – By us ‘growed-ups’
This book was purchased for our eldest daughter. She is a keen outdoor enthusiast with a passion for writing and exploring. We have encouraged the learning of outdoor skills, including map reading, as even with modern day technology we feel it a vital skill. The book itself is presented in a bold, bright, colourful manner which grabs the readers attention, drawing you in to explore.  The language used is understandable for children and is very encouraging with a ‘can-do’ approach. The book covers a wide range of topics. It details different forms of map (including both ‘traditional’ and ‘modern’ forms), compass skills and outdoor activities such as geocaching. The book shows us how to make our own compass and we’re very keen to give that a go! Ultimate Mapping Guide For Kids is fun and well written. It includes a good balance of history and fact and is an enjoyable informative book. The book comes highly recommended by us, and would make a fantastic gift for any child.
Review of Ultimate Mapping Guide For Kids – By the biggest small
Other books written by Justin Miles include

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