Thursday, 20 July 2017

Riding The Storm

Without intention, we clocked up almost 6 km last Saturday. We set off for adventure whilst in Lincolnshire visiting some friends.
Our first exploration of the day was to Willow Tree Fen, located between the villages of Bourne and Spalding.images
The fen is maintained by The Wildlife Trusts Lincolnshire and is reclaimed arable farmland. The purchase and restoration of Willow Tree Fen was made possible with the support of Natural England, the Heritage Lottery Fund, Lincolnshire Waterways Partnership, Environment Agency and the members of the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.
The smalls had a whale of a time noting down the wildlife that they spotted (even if there were a few cheats!).
After nipping back to refuel and replenish the tea levels, we headed off out to visit Crowland Abbey. Sat proud in the centre of Crowland, the Abbey is a stunning Grade I listed building.
The Abbey was the first church in the country to have a Peal (Ring of Bells), which can be dated back to circa 986. Abbot Turketyl had a great bell cast for the Abbey and during his time as Abbot, Egelric added 6 more to complete the Peal (975-984). They were named Guthlac, Bartholomew, Beccelm, Turketyl, Tatwin, Pega and Bega.
As you can see, we had perfect weather for a wander, and we bagged a couple of geocache whilst out exploring.
Today’s weather is not so pleasant. Storm ‘Doris’ has graced us with her presence, and she didn’t even ‘bring the salad’! There are days where heading outside for a walk with small people isn’t so practical. When the wind is blowing at 70 mph it isn’t so appealing. So what do I do instead?
Well…the smallest and I have sculpted spiders, birds and lots of ladybirds (smallest’s favourite) out of Playdoh. We’ve drawn pictures of each other using chalks, and I had an attempt at redecorating our teapot. Bad weather days give opportunity to complete lots of little projects…I’ll pop a few pictures in below.
What do you do on bad weather days?
S xox

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