Thursday, 20 July 2017

Searching For Fairies

Arriving at Norsey Wood, the smallest was thrilled to see a sea of bluebells. Having been last April, I couldn’t wait for her to experience the magic of them again this year.
Dressed in our adventure pants and wellies, we set off from the car park and into the woods. The smallest was in her element and told me that she could hear the fairies playing amongst the little blue flowers.
Sticking to the paths and trails, we meandered to the bottom of the hill (taking plenty of photographs on route!).
We were gutted not to have spotted any fairies for ourselves (I’m not sure we were quiet enough). We logged our siting of the bluebells on the Woodland Trust website as part of the Big Bluebell Watch (#BigBluebellWatch).
Are the bluebells out where you are?
S xox

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