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The Cartophile

20th January 2017

GUEST BLOG: My husband, the cartophile, has a little something to say…enjoy!
Cartophile:  One who greatly admires and enjoys maps. ‘Only a cartophile would spenimg-20170114-wa0005d seven hours browsing and admiring maps’.
Hello! So here I am, writing my first blog post! I’ve watched on, full of pride, as my wife and walking companion began her brave and exciting journey blogging our crazy world for you all to enjoy.
I asked if I could have a go, not to steal her lime-light but for the same purpose as the wife…I just wanted to air my thoughts on a new platform.
I’ve chosen a subject matter close to my heart, and something that frequents a lot of our time. Even more so as we have been introducing the eldest to map reading recently, and it’s so good to see her enjoy it too.
“Good for you… they don’t do that at school anymore” I was told recently.

20160214_142802We have been taking the biggest small on ‘serious’ walks since she was aged just 4. She was extremely excited to come home from school recently and announce, “Daddy, we’re learning about contour lines!”
…Well I wasn’t going to let the opportunity of passing on some of my knowledge to a future explorer go a miss, so got the map collection out straight away!
I see parenting as belonging to a team. We make the most of each others strengths and accept the weaknesses. My academic talents differ from those of my wife, and whilst she can number crunch and help write stories, I had to get in on this opportunity!
It’s a fun and unpredictable future for our next generation of adventurers, with the rapid development of technology. But map reading will always be an important skill. Although relying on signal and battery life, using a digital device is STILL map reading. However we all know you can’t beat the feel, sound and smell of a paper map! The physical and mental closeness, huddled over my dog eared OS Explorer, in my opinion can not be beaten. That piece of paper simultaneously shows the journey ahead, and a records the places we have been together.
I use View Ranger both to track routes and to download digital copies of the maps we use to walk. But we always take with us an Ordinance Survey paper copy, and have quite the collection of Explorer and Waterproof maps. fb_sarah_and_adam_026
My collection includes a personalised OS Explorer map, with our wedding venue at the centre point, that the wife bought on the run up to our wedding last year. Needless to say, it got plenty of use during the few days after our wedding when we explored the area (and climbed some hills).
Do you map?
S xox

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