Saturday, 29 July 2017

The Smalls Investigate

We've come up with a few ideas to keep the smalls busy this Summer...


Using chalk, draw around a puddle. Check on it throughout the day to see it evaporate.

Dandelion Writing

Find a space with Dandelions. Break the stem of the Dandelion. Mark/make a letter or name on a piece of paper using the sap from the stalk. At first it will appear invisible, but once dried they will be able to clearly see their writings.

Mud Painting

Exactly as it sounds! Grab a brush, or make one using leaves and get creative with mud and water.

Painting with water

One of the smalls favourite things to do...grab a brush and get started!

Mud Cake Contest

Get competitive with friends and family. Create an awesome mud cake and win The Great British Mudcake Competition!

Tree Bark Rubbings

Take some paper and crayons out on a walk to the woods (or park) and create your own bark picture (you can use the paper for wrapping presents!).

Shells and Water Play

Use collected shells to make a mini beach in a tub or bucket.

Paint with nature

Use items collected from the garden (or walk) to create, paint and explore - Top Tip: pine cones make fantastic prints!

Where are you exploring this Summer?

S xox

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