Thursday, 27 July 2017

The Uncommon Gift

Opening the calendar, I was overwhelmed to see the list of upcoming birthdays and weddings. There's always an abundance of Summer birthdays, and it can be hard to find the perfect gift for everyone.

Sustainability is hugely important to me, and as many of you are aware, I always try to hand make gifts where I can. However, I'd never see the light of day for crafting if I made for everyone! So how can I gift an uncommon affordable present from a sustainable company...

It was like all of my prayers had been answered when contacted me to show me their latest range. Sustainability is high on their agenda, alongside providing a range of creative gifts produced in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Reading through their company policy, they seem like pretty cool guys to work for!

I won't lie... I got lost for hours pondering their gift ranges!
Wooden Wine Glasses - By David Rasmussen

Their Bridal Party Gifts and Personalised Wedding Gifts were first on my hit list, with a number of weddings on the horizon.

I swiftly moved on to Anniversary Presents and then got thoroughly lost searching through New Baby Gifts, as I appear to have reached the age where the majority of my friends are popping them out all at the same time!

Mother & Her Little Ducklings Necklace - By Ian Gibson
Latitude Longitude Pendant - By Ana Talukder

Seasons Terrarium Necklaces - Featured in the Uncommon Collection

I have quite the extensive amount of items saved on my wish list, and won't be giving anything away on here in case they see, but I've definitely found a few fantastic gifts for my upcoming events!

S xox

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