Thursday, 20 July 2017

Through The Eyes Of A Tot

13th January 2017

Opinion regarding weather is easy to find. Any kind of weather, not just snow or rain.
Have you noticed it’s snowed here in Essex?! What’s the weather where you are?
You only have to tap a social media icon, and reels of status updates appear displaying hate or love for whatever the current weather. In Summer months; “too hot”. In the Winter, “too cold”. Although there is also lots of love for snow, and equally for sunbathing.
We have a little saying in our house that helps refocus when it’s not so pleasant outside our front door.
“There’s no such thing as bad weather, merely inappropriate clothing”
Admittedly there are days when weather can be harder to embrace. Gail force winds and harsh face-hitting sleet. It’s always a little easier to enjoy when there aren’t chores to be done.
We have a lot of outdoor gear! If fact, we could do with an extra room in our house for the boots and waterproofs to be kept. A farm house with a boot room…hmmm…watch this space!
But back to my point. Weather looks different through the eyes of a child!
We can all cast our memories back and recall a weather related moment. Be it a snowy day spent playing with friends, sledging in fields and racing down hills. Or a warm Summer’s day of the school holidays spent eating ice cream at the beach, the unforgettable smell of sun cream (can you smell it just thinking about it?), and sand sculpture competitions. Getting soaked through in a downpour on the journey home from school, and changing into warm dry clothes, drinking hot drinks to warm up when we got in.
As an adult, it’s easy to think of these memories as sticky sand inconveniently covering everything that’s touched, or wet hair or clothing that’s created more washing.
I suppose my aim is to get you to think about how a child might view something instead.
S xox

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