Thursday, 20 July 2017

Walk Challenge 2016

Walking is one of my favourite past times, made even better with the hubbie and kids in tow. The health benefits of getting out for a good hike can put modern medicine to the test. I wont ramble (excuse the pun) off statistics, but it’s readily available to see for yourself how health beneficial walking can be, with a brief Google.
Two months into 2016 I discovered a new (to me) tracking app, that suits me better than the tracking app I previously used. I installed View Ranger to my phone and then a brief request for a few contact details lead me to have an online profile to keep log of my tracks and routes. (I am in no way sponsored by said app). There is a huge online portfolio of tracks and routes to discover, which suit all abilities and preferences. All of which are downloadable to the app for use whilst out walking.
Whilst exploring the website I found the challenges tab, and very swiftly signed up for the #walk2016 challenge. There were three challenges to choose from and complete, 250 miles, 500 miles and 1000 miles. I activated each one, not knowing how far I’d be able to log with the children.Phone battery is my nemesis. I appear to have a superb ability to drain the life out of any electrical device (and blow light bulbs etc…but that’s a post for another day!). This means that I can track routes whilst not needing my phone for any other purpose, but that tracking on a day-to-day basis wasn’t going to be an option. Which is fine right?! Who wants to see my track to the shops and back anyway?!
I made the decision to track routes walked with the kids in tow. My smallest small is too diddy for long walks but we own a lightweight carrier, and my husband and I take it in turns to carry either her or the picnic and supplies rucksack, which can sometimes weigh almost the same! She can however walk a good kilometre herself without tiring so before long will be keeping up the pace alongside us. My eldest participates in as many of our walks as possible, but is of school age meaning I have had to keep note of the walks she has participated in. Her greatest achievement is walking Snowdon when she was only 4!!
I am extremely proud to say that #walk2016 saw us complete the 250 mile challenge with the children.
2016 saw us complete too many routes to mention in this blog post. But one of my favourites as a family, was completing a 21 mile walk around our home city of Chelmsford. A completely rural walk following footpaths through fields, farms, alongside rivers, and down rarely-walked pathways. The kids thoroughly enjoyed discovering parts of the city seldom ventured by others. We broke it down into parts and completed 5-10km of the route each time, and began in February, walking with frost underfoot, and completing in August when the leaves had begun to fall for Autumn.
We’re definitely aiming for the 500 mile challenge with the children for #walk2017 and I’ll include links to any routes I blog about.
What’s your 2017 challenge?
S xox

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