Thursday, 20 July 2017

Walking To Do

13th January 2017

The list of routes we want to walk is ever growing…
Almost daily we come across one that inspires us that little bit more. Daddy often comes across articles online and he’s quick to send me the link to the information page, or tag me in an post so that I can see for myself.
Below are a few of our ‘want to do’ walks, and we are hopeful to tick off a fair few this year.
Thames Path
A 184 mile National Trail walk following the River Thames from its Cotswold source to the Thames Barrier. This walk has an extension, which takes you further towards the Estuary. The 184 miles have been split into sections, easily reached via public transport and there’s even a certificate for those that complete the whole path…which is going to look pretty cool in our maps and routes folder!
The Essex Way
This path stretches 82 miles right through Essex, from Harwich to Epping, or Epping to Harwich (the arrows go both ways!). The Essex Walks website breaks the walk down into sections of 8 to 12 miles, again accessible by public transport.
The Essex Walks site lists many routes across Essex, and we’ve already ticked off a large number of them!
We are keen to walk Snowdon again. The last time we walked it, the biggest was 4 years old and the smallest small hadn’t even been thought of yet. It would be great to camp again, and revisit Snowdon (I’m hopeful for better visibility next time!).
Secret Gardens at Stowe, Buckinghamshire
Did I mention we were given National Trust membership for Christmas?! Stowe is on the list of must-visits this year, and I’ve had a brief read up on the walks around the secret gardens, taking in the waterfalls and monuments.
…and of course there are thousands of miles of footpath right outside our doorstep to explore with the small people!
I’m sure that this list will grow and grow, but for now i’ll leave it at 300+ miles!
Can you recommend any?
S xox

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