Thursday, 20 July 2017

Without A Towel

The first thing that the smallest said to me on Saturday morning was that she wanted to go to the beach.20170313_211550
The bucket and spade already in the boot of the car (you never know when you’ll need them right?!), we grabbed our wellies and a picnic, and headed out for adventure!
Upon arrival, the smalls were absolutely thrilled to see that they had the whole beach to themselves bar a few dog walkers. The building of sandcastles quickly commenced, and much to the biggest’s annoyance, the smallest had far more fun jumping on them and reducing them to the ground.
The smallest discovered that she could jump the small breaking waves and not even get cold toes in her puddle suit, although I’m certain she’d have undressed and gone in for a swim given the have a chance!
They dug holes and ran down to the sea to fill the buckets full of salty water. The holes quickly became sandy puddles and the air was filled with giggles!
I took the opportunity to sit at a picnic bench, next to the smalls, and enjoy my tea whilst they played. We ate lunch and watched boats pass, and the smalls soon went back to splashing in their sandy puddles.
We couldn’t have had more fun, and the sand was much easier to get off without suncream!
I find that the beach is far more fun in the cooler months. A few of its advantages are the lack of suncream, it’s far less crowded, and you’re more likely to find a larger array of wildlife. A few that can be spotted during the Winter months are seals who, covered in blubber and fur, don’t mind the cold. If you look closely you’ll spot sea slaters who look a tad like woodlouse. They eat dead plant and animal material found amongst the seaweed, which can be found scattered along the shoreline.
Do you have a favourite beach?
S xox

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